Nearly half a century after the Hamilton brothers settled on the Williams Fork, the first energy boom hit Northwest Colorado.  That well was the first of many that would change the course of the area and the State of Colorado. The Discovery well came in at 5000 barrels of high quality oil a day and the race was on.

The community’s ‘shot in the arm’ consisted of oil, and the town’s population that once could be counted on one hand had boomed to over two hundred. The quick construction served a purpose, but it also lent itself to quick destruction.

Little remains today of the bustling little oil town of the 1920s, but the people of Hamilton continue to collect their mail at their post office and gather regularly at the community building. The core of the community remains and as new residents move into the area, they discover a little gem along the Williams Fork.

Excerpts from: Hamilton Hamlet Home to Hundreds
By Shannan Koucherik for the Museum of NW Colo

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