Hardy third-, fourth- and fifth-generation homesteaders reside in Moffat County, and you'll find we're proud of our pioneer heritage even in tiny little unincorporated towns like Massadona, Hamilton, Slater and Lay that barely make the map but are all the more charming for it. You'll find most of our lodging, dining, shopping and other services in bigger towns like Craig, Maybell and Dinosaur. Check out our towns and don't miss an opportunity to chat up some of the locals. You might learn a thing or two!

You'll see that we love to keep things wild, and if you've got a spirit for adventure, we think you'll come to appreciate the rugged beauty of our wide-open spaces. Once you get to know it the way we do, you'll be as passionate as we are about protecting it. We're also the kind of folks who like to have a good time. Be sure to check out some of our signature events, like the Sombrero Ranch Horse Drive or the "Where the Hell is Maybell" bike ride to name just a few.