Mule-DeerMoffat County Colorado Big Game Units: 1, 2, 201, 211, 3, 301, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 & 13


Colorado Parks & Wildlife Video with changes for Big Game Hunting.

With nearly two million acres of public land, Northwest Colorado is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. A large big game population and a remarkably high success rate make Moffat County the best place for Colorado trophy hunting.

There is a reason that Moffat County is called the Elk Hunting Capital of the World. Two of North America’s largest migratory elk herds are found here, along with Mule Deer and Pronghorn populations that offer many harvesting opportunities. Moffat County also provides an abundance of small game, giving young hunters a wonderful way to experience this heritage.

2023 Colorado Big Game Hunting Dates

Deer & Elk Archery Season   September 2 – September 30
Deer & Elk Muzzleloader Season   September 9 – September 17

Deer & Elk Rifle Seasons
1st Regular Rifle Elk   October 14 – October 18
2nd Regular Combined Rifle Deer & Elk   October 28 – November 5
3rd Regular Combined Rifle Deer & Elk   November 11 – November 17
4th Regular Combined Rifle Deer & Elk   November 22 – November 26
Thanksgiving Day   November 23

Moose Seasons
Archery   September 9 – September 30
Muzzleloader   September 9 – September 17
Rifle   October 1 – October 14

Pronghorn Seasons
Archery – Buck   August 15 – August 31
Archery -Either  September 1 – September 20
Muzzleloader     September 21 – September 29

Rifle                     October 1 – October 9

Bear Seasons
Archery   September 2 – September 30
Muzzleloader   September 9 – September 17
Rifle   September 2 – September 30 + (see 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Deer/Elk Seasons above)
Archery & Muzzleloader Add-On Bear licenses are available in unlimited numbers this year.  Hunters can ‘add-on’ an over-the-counter bear license for archery or muzzleloader seasons if they hold a deer or elk license for the same method of take and at least one unit overlaps.  More information available in the Colorado Big Game regulation brochure.
For more information on how and where to obtain a hunting license, please visit Colorado Hunting Regulations brochures.  Additional hunting information and maps can be found at CPW Interactive Hunting Atlas or Colorado Parks & Wildlife.
Another Great tool for selecting hunts is the CPW Statistics page, check out the historical data on how many preference points were needed and how many tags are historically available in each game management unit.
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