Sombrero Ranches' Great American Horse Drive

Start Date: Saturday, May 5th in Brown's Park
End Date: Sunday, May 6th the drive goes through the town of Maybell
Website: http://www.sombrero.com/adventures/horse-drive/
Phone: 970-824-2335
Email: mcta@moffatcounty.net

Experience the excitement of 600-800 ranch horses trotting through the heart of Maybell, CO during the Sombrero Ranches' Great American Horse Drive.

The horses can come through anytime between 8am and 1pm. Then stick around for a great lunch & party in Maybell and to explore the Sand Wash Basin wild horses after the drive.

If you plan to attend the Sombrero Ranches Great American Horse Drive...be sure to get to the Maybell, CO park early enough to be safely out of the way of the horses, wranglers and Cowboys & Cowgirls that are working this herd to the Craig ranch to ready for the riding season. We wouldn't want any bystanders, horses or drovers to get hurt!

Wednesday, 28
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