Dinosaur National Monument

Reservations For Dinosaur Quarry No Longer Needed

Visitors to the Dinosaur National Monument Quarry exhibit have been required to make advance reservations for the past year.  This restriction has been lifted and travelers are no longer confined to a strict time frame for visiting.  This change will allow the full discovery of the many other attractions along the path to the Quarry.  When taking in the Canyon Country and Harper’s corner Drive just north of the town of Dinosaur, Colorado take some extra time to really explore the entire monument.  The views from the overlooks are simply spectacular.

The Quarry hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with the heaviest visitation during the middle of the day.  Enjoy a quiet morning or evening in the remote regions of the monument and see the Quarry at a time that best suits YOU!

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