Coal Mountain Skijoring

Join us for the 3rd annual Craig Skijoring event February 8-9, 2025!

Location: Moffat County Fairgrounds, Craig Colorado


skijoringSpace is limited to ensure that the quality of our track stays safe through the weekend, so be sure to register as soon as possible. All registration payments and signing of waivers will be due at registration on Friday, February 7th, 2025. We will accept cash or card. If you do not show up for registration, you will not be entered for the races, unless previous arrangements have been made with the race producer.

Race fees due at registration:

  • Open – $100/participant ($200/team)
  • Sport – $60/participant ($120/team)
  • Novice – $50/participant ($100/team)
  • * Snowboard – snowboards WILL be allowed and will be ran with the novice division and will run on the novice course.
  • * Youth runs are free


A team consists of a horse, rider, and skier and will get one run each day. A skier cannot ski behind the same horse more than once per day, and a horse may only run two times per day. All teams are pick your partner. If you are in need of a pull or a skier please contact us and we will do our best to find you a partner.

Youth Team: Skier must be 12 years or younger. May be pulled by an adult already entered in the event and will not count towards the horse’s two run limit. Youth skier may also be pulled by youth rider. Youth skier is limited to one run per day. There will be a youth buckle and prizes for every kid that enters.

General Competition

Each team gets one run per day. There will be day money paid each day and an average of the two times combined will be ranked after Sunday’s race. A Did Not Finish (DNF) on any day will be ranked lower than a team with two qualifying times. Ropes will be 33’ long with no boat handles at the end for the skier to hold. One knot at the end of the rope is accepted.



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