Where canyon walls rock art

slot canyonMoffat County is revered for its extraordinary canyon beauty. And we’re not the first to think so. Ancient Fremont Native Americans left stories of their lives in the form of rock art. Their carved petroglyphs and pictographs are showcased in “desert varnish,” a phenomenon that is created when iron and manganese oxidize into a dark sheen over red rock. You’ll find them throughout the many scenic canyons of Moffat County.

Some of our best river canyons are located in Dinosaur National Monument, rivaling those of the Grand Canyon. So don’t just stop at the dinosaur bones. Pick up a map and take the scenic drives to Harper’s Corner, Echo Park, and the Gates of Lodore. Irish Canyon is another one of Moffat’s canyon treasures where wildlife is seemingly everywhere and petroglyphs are very accessible.

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