get your frontier fundamentals

It’s the landscape for a Western movie set of your imagination: bright blue skies, clean fresh air and starry night skies. But this ain’t Hollywood. Moffat County is home to working cowboys and cowgirls who maintain the frontier tradition with rodeo to hone their roping, riding and herding skills. So if you miss the rodeo, John Jarvie Homestead welcomes visitors to learn about and experience this largely bygone way of life.

First settled in 1880, the 35-acre Jarvie homestead once boasted a post office, trading post and river ferry. It was a regular stopping place for travelers and a secret meeting place for outlaws. The site has been historically reconstructed near Browns Park to include the original dugout home, blacksmith shop and store, as well as a cemetery and museum.

This historic property built in 1880 provides a glimpse of turn-of-the-century frontier life in Brown’s Park. John Jarvie, a business man from Scotland, chose this particular one because of the naturally occurring river crossing. For years it had been used by Indians, fur trappers, travelers, and local residents. Jarvie figured it would be an excellent spot to establish a business. At its height, the Jarvie ranch operation included a store, post office, river ferry, and cemetery.

To get there: Take HWY 318 northwest out of Maybell and continue for approx 78 miles. Follow the signs for Jarvie Ranch/Browns Park. The self-guided brochure & map located near restroom. Access into buildings may be limited or unavailable on Sundays and Mondays. Due to Ranger availability, it is always best to call the Jarvie Ranch (435-885-3307) to arrange a tour.

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