Wild horses of Sand Wash Basin

free range. no reins.

Hundreds of wild horses roam the remote, unfenced expanse of Sand Wash Basin. No one should miss the breathtaking sight of greys, dunns, grullas, sorrels and pintos running free. Sand Wash Basin holds nearly 155,000 acres of rugged desert beauty, and while the horses have ample territory to roam, most visitors are able to find one of the bands that roam here. But remember to respect the horses – they’re wild, after all – and view them from a distance. A minimum of 100 feet is expected from visitors to the basin.

To embark on your Sand Wash Basin excursion, take State Highway 318 north from Maybell for about 15 miles. Cross the Little Snake River and go right on Moffat County Road 67 for an excellent chance of viewing the herd. As with any outdoor adventure, be prepared with a topographic map of the region, water, food, adequate fuel, clothing and gear for the elements. A high clearance four-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended and so are binoculars and a telephoto wide-angle lens camera.

More information on the wild horses (and great pictures): 
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