The Wild Horse Refuge

free range. no reins.

Horse RefugeWild horses, also known as mustangs, are an iconic symbol of the American West. They are known for their beauty, spirit, and independence. However, wild horses are also threatened by several factors, including habitat loss, competition from livestock, and government roundups.

The Wild Horse Refuge is a dedicated sanctuary for Colorado-born wild horses that have been culled from their native homelands. Captured horses are adopted and/or purchased and brought to the Refuge in order to give them back their freedom and restore their wild spirit.

Rescued horses are released within the 22,500-acre Refuge so they can run free and have the opportunity to rebuild family bonds and other historical relationships. With the Refuge rescuing wild horses from numerous Colorado HMA areas, as well as other wild herd populations within Colorado, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for the horses to also create new relationships.

The Wild Horse Refuge is part of The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s network of animal sanctuaries and refuges – which is now the largest sanctuary network in the world. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, The Wild Animal Sanctuary operates four separate facilities, with its three other facilities catering to rescued exotic animals such as Lions, Tigers, and Bears, while also providing a home to additional wild horses from other states.

You can virtually adopt one or more horses by pledging your support, or you can become a “Founder” of The Wild Horse Refuge today by purchasing one or more acres of land to give back to the horses. Founders receive unique frameable Founder Certificates, as well as invitations to special events at the Refuge and dedicated updates about the truly amazing horses who live there. To learn more about The Wild Horse Refuge and becoming a Founder please visit the Refuge website at

With your support, The Wild Horse Refuge will be able to continue saving horses and enabling them to roam freely within a safe environment for the rest of their lives!

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