where the wild west lives on

Our can-do pioneer spirit comes to life at the Museum of Northwest Colorado and the Wyman Living History Museum, both located in Craig, where you’ll find stories of family heritage, kinship with the land, and rural customs. The Museum of Northwest Colorado showcases working cowboy and gunfighter collectibles, in one of the most expansive collections in the West. You’ll also find memorabilia from the Victory Highway and so much more!

The Wyman Living History Museum is a one-of-a-kind collection, sharing a century of American life, ingenuity and advancement. The original homestead barn came from the Wyman ranch, and was reconstructed pole-by-pole on the museum site. Every Monday in the summer, the museum hosts a blacksmith who demonstrates his traditional work and art.

Don’t leave Craig without stopping by the Marcia Car, an exquisitely designed Pullman car belonging to David Moffat, the banker and railroad builder responsible for bringing the railroad from Denver to Craig. Moffat used the railroad car to tour prospective investors in the new rail line he hoped would someday connect Denver and Salt Lake City. Moffat’s dreams of a transcontinental line ended when he died in 1911, leaving Craig the last stop on the line. The railroad did however connnect Moffat County’s economy to the rest of the State of Colorado, an economic gift that fueled the engine of growth in the very remote Northwest corner of the state.

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